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    While we have little control over the toxins and pesticides used in the world today, we can control what products we use in our homes and, more importantly, on our bodies. Our natural skincare products offer dewy hydration and fatty acids without the added worry of harmful ingredients.

    Biochemist and microbiologist Karen Clark and Alain Menard joined forces 21 years ago and founded Green Beaver to use nourishing ingredients to provide a safer alternative to dangerous chemicals found in mainstream beauty products. Instead of reaching for chemical-filled products, they wanted to provide a clean option for your daily skin routine.

    The Benefits of Natural Ingredients

    Less is more. Our natural products, infused with organic ingredients, combine the powers of shea and cocoa butter for a thick, rich finish. Our ultra-moisturizing face cream contains high concentrations of vitamins and fatty acids and is suitable for every skin type.

    For sensitive skin, opt for the aloe vera day cream. Discover the powerful blend of jojoba and sunflower oil, with active ingredients that help to prevent irritation. This product is also ideal for those with acne-prone skin.

    Upgrade your beauty routine with our aloe makeup remover for sensitive skin. This gentle, 100% natural makeup remover is powerful enough to remove waterproof mascara without further irritating your skin, especially the delicate area around your eyes and mouth.

    The blend of organic sunflower and grapeseed oil gently purifies and soothes your face by removing makeup and impurities. These products are perfect for dry skin.

    Our products are made from natural ingredients, are GMO and cruelty-free. We offer easy to use clean skincare, leaving your skin soft, smooth and radiant.

    How Can I Clean My Face Naturally Every Day?

    Start by cleansing your skin with our grapefruit, aloe, and chamomile-infused cleanser to remove impurities and dead skin.

    Gently pat your face dry and follow with our extra-dry skin moisturizing cream, or for a lighter option, choose our aloe vera cream for sensitive skin. As well, we recommend applying sunscreen daily; our chemical-free mineral sunscreen protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

    Enhance your natural beauty by moisturizing your lips with our sweet and tart strawberry line lip balm. You’ll now be ready to conquer the day by following these skincare tips.

    Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins

    All our skincare product ingredients come from nature and are formulated to support your skin’s natural microbiome. We prefer to keep it simple and avoid chemicals that remove the natural protective barrier and disturb the delicate bacterial balance.

    Our natural skincare products, most of which are organic, are also:

    1. Vegan
    2. Biodegradable
    3. Gluten-free
    4. Fluoride-free
    5. Cruelty-free
    6. GMO-free
    7. 100% recyclable and proudly made in Canada.

    Better for the Environment

    What started in 2002 in our kitchen soon evolved to new heights with our big breakthrough in 2011, where we developed the first Canadian organic mineral sunscreen, with the support of the National Research Council.

    Our products contain only 100% all-natural, and often organic, ingredients. We do not use toxic ingredients, and the toxic load is considerably reduced when using natural products. We continue to grow and innovate with the mission to raise awareness regarding the dangers of artificial ingredients found in conventional personal care products.

    Natural Skincare Products in Canada

    Our natural products are designed with locally grown ingredients and are developed and tested in Canada. We offer natural skincare solutions designed for the Canadian climate, from blazing hot to freezing cold temperatures. Choose Green Beaver for your natural skincare routine.

    5 products
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    Aloe makeup remover - sensitive skin
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