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    Are you looking for a new natural deodorant? If you’re tired of conventional deodorants filled with chemicals that are hazardous to your health, read on. Green Beaver Company has a line of chemical-free natural deodorants safe for even those with sensitive skin to use.

    Our Natural Approach: Made in Canada

    From day one, our goal as founders has been to offer safe and natural products made with simple ingredients. We replace chemicals with natural alternatives, which due to our scientific knowledge, are just as effective when properly combined. Since we have professional backgrounds in biochemistry and microbiology, we can create effective, safe and natural products for the whole family to enjoy.

    Due to our unique long-lasting, 24-hour odour protection formula, we offer the best natural deodorants made right here in Canada, for both men and women.

    All-Natural Products for Men and Women

    Knowing about the harmful effects of the chemical ingredients found in popular products is an important first step in going natural. Because of personal preferences and life experiences, we decided to take a natural, eco-conscious path not just for ourselves and have extended it to our customers as well. Our approach aims to create safe, natural alternatives that suit both men’s and women’s needs.

    Moreover, we are always trying to innovate and find new ways to develop effective and natural formulas to be able to reach more people. We want to offer you the same products we use ourselves in our beauty routines, knowing there won’t be any negative chemical after-effects.

    Green Beaver has aluminum-free deodorants in many amazing scents, which we offer as a natural alternative for men or for women. Find natural aromas like lavender oil, tea tree oil, even a fragrance-free option, in our deodorant collection – and all our products are free of artificial fragrances.

    Why Use Our Natural Deodorants?

    Ethics are extremely important to us here at Green Beaver. We want only the best natural ingredients, many of which are organic, to be included in our deodorants. Our many years in the microbiology and biochemistry fields have given us the proper expertise to make a natural deodorant that offers 24-hour odour protection, is hypoallergenic, and is safe to use as a daily product.

    We do the necessary research from beginning to end. Our natural ingredients are vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, and biodegradable. Most importantly, we do not test on animals.

    We do our best to educate the public about the potential harm of chemicals in personal care products. To that end, through our creative process and website, we highlight the importance of using healthy products, especially when you have sensitive skin.

    Underarm skin can be quite sensitive and delicate, so it’s important to use products that won’t damage that area – which can become even more sensitive and irritated after shaving. Our deodorants are moisturizing and hypoallergenic, which you’ll find is a welcome relief!

    The First and Only Aluminum-Free, 100% Natural Antiperspirant

    If you want to switch from traditional deodorants filled with chemicals, then we’ve got the aluminum-free version you need to keep you smelling fresh all day long.

    On the other hand, if you’re looking to stay dry and want wetness protection, there has never been a natural, aluminum-free antiperspirant option – until now.

    Through extensive research and proprietary technology, Green Beaver has developed the first and only aluminum-free antiperspirant made with 100% natural ingredients.

    If you currently use an antiperspirant but want to go natural, check out our Antiperspirant collection. Our clinically proven antiperspirant is available in unique scents for both men and women. When you support us, you are helping a business that continues to innovate by creating natural personal care alternatives that are kind to you body and kind to the environment.