Natural toothpaste

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    At Green Beaver, we believe in creating natural products that are safe for the environment and your body. Our founders blend their expertise as microbiologists and biochemists with powerful natural ingredients to create safe and effective personal care products. Amongst our different collections, we offer natural toothpaste for clean teeth and fresh breath.

    Our all-natural toothpaste is a great choice because it is made without the added artificial sweeteners, harsh chemicals or harmful ingredients. We have a variety of flavours to choose from, so if traditional mint isn’t for you, we’ve also created alternate flavours that you’ll probably fall in love with! Let's dive into everything you need to know about Green Beaver's toothpaste, and the best part – it’s made in Canada!

    What are the Benefits of Using Fluoride-Free Toothpaste for Your Dental Health?

    Our toothpastes are made of 100% natural ingredients such as xylitol, vitamin c, and calcium, and will clean your teeth in a gentle way without any toxins or abrasives – plus they are free of fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)! 

    We’ve developed a range of flavours, so go ahead and pick your favourite! One benefit of our flavoured toothpaste is that it is completely safe to swallow, so no need to worry if accidents happen! From orange to cinnamon, apple or traditional mint, you can pick a natural toothpaste flavour that will make brushing a pleasure rather than a chore.

    Green Beaver's Commitment to Community

    Green Beaver always ensures to give back to communities. We're constantly raising awareness about the potential dangers of certain accumulation of chemicals and abrasive agents of conventional toothpastes. We work hard to educate and empower Canadians to make safer choices.

    Our powerful ingredients are also vegan and gluten-free, and we never test products on animals. Green Beaver’s natural toothpastes are safe for the whole family, are free of synthetic foaming agents, and will give you peace of mind that you’ll have top-tier oral health!