Working Towards
a Refillable Future

In search of more sustainable options, Green Beaver has partnered with KIIMA to create aluminum-free antiperspirant refills.

The refills come in plastic-free and recyclable packaging. Pair it with the KIIMA refillable applicator and you're ready to start your day in a more sustainable way.

This is the first step we're taking to provide you with environmentally friendly alternatives. Stay tuned, as we hope to have more initiatives in the future!


Created under the edilos brand, choose refills for your favorite scents:
Exotic Paradise, Freedom, Fresh Verve, Vanilla Bliss, and Fruity Escape.

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It’s simple: just pop your refill in the KIIMA applicator for the same great odour and wetness protection you know and love.

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We are always searching for eco-friendly alternatives, and KIIMA is a great fit. Our motto is Naturally Canadian, and KIIMA and its brand edilos, is the epitome of that concept.

A Canadian company that is based in Montreal, KIIMA’s mission aims to massively reduce waste by reimagining everyday objects, such as antiperspirants! We can’t wait to see what other products they will reimagine in a more sustainable manner.